Starmer couldn’t talk bad about Biden even if he wanted to

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Prime Minister Keir Starmer, who went to the US for the NATO summit, said that he sees US President Biden as very healthy. Speaking to the BBC after the meetings, Starmer stated that there was no reason for Biden to withdraw his candidacy.

In fact, when a journalist asks a question about Biden, he must have calculated the response of a country’s prime minister. In other words, the prime minister of any country would never say to the prime minister of any country, ‘He is not healthy, he should quit being the prime minister or the presidency.’ Because those who govern the countries have to observe the balances. Anyone who speaks his mind is not called a politician anyway.

But Biden is not well, it is obvious from his speech and walk. I’m sorry, but he looks like a walking corpse. It is not possible to find and see America’s worldwide power in Biden. That’s why he will definitely lose against Trump.

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