Will Former PM Rishi Sunak settle in America? Definitely.

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Former prime minister Rishi Sunak applied for a Green Card while he was still Chancellor and wanted to become an American citizen. He was the one who admitted this, but we have no information about the outcome of this application. We don’t know if his name appeared in the Green Card lottery and he was able to gain citizenship.

It is stated that he will now settle in the US. If there is no positive result in his Green Card application, he can settle in America as the former Prime Minister of the UK. Perhaps he gained US citizenship by serving as prime minister in this country for more than a year, we do not know yet.

Sources close to him said that Sunak has no plans to settle in America. The plan is not a verse from God in the Bible; may change at any time.

Rishi Sunak will eventually settle in the US. This is an unwavering plan for him. But when? This will be decided not by him, but by the people who elected him. When he cannot become a member of parliament in his own region again, then the paths of America appear.

Good Luck big man, our hearts are with you.

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