Croydon has become a crime hotspot. Bus driver stabbed

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A bus driver was stabbed by a passenger in Croydon today. A young man between the ages of 23 and 25 was warned by the driver for putting his feet on the seat and not allowing other passengers to sit. The driver of bus number 64 asked the young man to put his feet down and give sitting permission to other passengers.

It is not known what kind of argument broke out between the passenger and the driver, and the young man took out his knife, injured the driver and ran away. The police shared the images captured from the bus camera with the press.

Time will tell whether the suspect is caught or not, but we must underline this.

Croydon is becoming the most criminal area of ​​South London. Almost every week someone is killed or stabbed. Business owners are under constant threat and Croydon Council is just waiting for the Mayor of London to take action.

Let’s write down what business owners conveyed to us here.

Drugs are sold openly on the streets. Drug dealers continue to sell despite the police. The police know who are drug traffickers, but there is not enough intervention.

Young people travel together and enter shops together. There are common thefts. Nobody goes out in Croydon after certain hours at night.

The shopkeepers complained to the municipality many times, but the municipality always said that Sadıq Khan had the authority and that they could not do anything.

Result: Shopkeepers in Croydon are uneasy, the people living there are uneasy and Croydon Council has closed its eyes.

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