USA President Joe Biden and his team’s Russia contradiction

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US President Joe Biden condemned the Russian missile attack that killed at least 38 people in Ukraine. He accused Russia of being brutal. It is really difficult to understand Biden and the US.

They will constantly provide money and weapons aid to Ukraine and complain about why the Russians are fighting. The US, which supports Ukraine to fight better and kill more Russian soldiers, started blaming Russia this time when Russia made a counter move and 38 people lost their lives. So what would happen if the Ukrainian soldier killed 38 Russian soldiers?

Biden and the US should now stop trying to make the two countries go to war and put an urgent peace plan into action. He is the one who provoked the war by constantly providing arms and money to Ukraine, but he is also the one who condemned the Russian attack.

The US was completely defeated in the Ukraine war, none of its expectations were realized and Putin is still in place, and the Russian economy is better than many non-war countries.

Every step not taken for peace only helps Zelensky maintain his leadership and people die. In a war, you ask one of the countries, ‘Why are you killing? It’s stupid to say.

US President Joe Biden has condemned a wave of Russian missile strikes that killed at least 38 people in Ukraine as a “horrific reminder of Russia’s brutality”, as he vowed to strengthen Kyiv’s air defences. BBC

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