The target is 1.5 million houses and mortgages and interests.

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The Labour Party’s inheritance tax, capital gains tax and mortgage plans, which emerged with a great victory in the elections, began to emerge. Keir Starmer and his friends, who set out to rebuild the UK, started with economic plans. Labor, which first started working on a new agreement with the EU, has now tackled the problem that makes mortgage holders think deeply.

It is a situation that gives hope to the people who owe hundreds of thousands of pounds to banks. Mortgage interest rates should also drop to a reasonable level, and that’s actually the first place to start.


Meanwhile, Treasury Minister Reeves announced that the government will build 1.5 million houses in 5 years. The government started well. Developments have begun that increase people’s hopes and bring them back to the joy of living. We hope the government implements what they talk about.

Life has taught us this: Politicians talk too much and do little.

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