Rishi Sunak and his team should pay the £270m we paid to Rwanda

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The Rwandan government announced today that they will not refund the £270m that Rishi Sunak’s government paid for immigrants. So £270m was wasted because of a Rishi Sunak government that didn’t know what it was doing with the public’s pockets.

270m is not a lot of money for former prime minister Rishi Sunak. He is one of the richest people in the country. Since he is using the country and taxpayers’ money, both Rishi Sunak and the MPs and ministers who voted yes to the bill should pay for this loss.

270 million pounds of the people who were in economic difficulties due to a government that did not know its job evaporated. This money must be compensated and taken from the previous government members. So that governments do not make similar mistakes from now on; Don’t waste people’s money while there is no final decision yet!

This is our call to Keir Starmer: Distribute the £270 million to the former government members.

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