Refugee Turks protested Syrian refugees in Germany

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6 million refugees from Turkey in Germany walked and chanted slogans against Syrian refugees in Turkey.

6 million Turks who came to Germany as refugees, forgetting that they were refugees in Germany, protested against Syrian immigrants in Turkey and shouted: ‘We do not want Syrian immigrants in Turkey’

After the Turks won the match against Austria 2-1 in EURO24, they started to describe themselves as ‘Crazy Turks’, but we do not call the Turks crazy, but funny Turks.

Turks in Germany forgot that they were refugees in Germany

They’re funny because they’re the last people to say anything about refugees. They escaped from Turkey either due to economic, anti-democratic pressures or other reasons and took refuge in Germany and many European countries and obtained citizenship. There was no war in Turkey, they left their country for a more comfortable environment, but Syrians who escaped from the war in Syria They are protesting for.

If these Turks love their country so much, why are they still in Germany or Europe? They should return to their own country.

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