Not the NATO summit, but summit of leaders who miss each other

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NATO members are meeting in the US today. The decisions to be taken at this summit are clear: more sanctions on Russia, more money and arms aid to Ukraine.

In fact, it is difficult to understand why NATO members always come together. In any case, decisions are mostly taken by the US and the Pentagon, they are notified to NATO members, and NATO members accept them immediately. The US is like the general of NATO that has never changed and will never change.

I think the main reason why such summits are held is that leaders come to the bar and fulfill their longings. Leaders who miss each other keep gossiping and saving the world among themselves.

The meetings end, they return to the real world and see that the only thing that has changed is the economic situation. People are becoming poorer much faster and falling into the arms of racist parties.

Will you see? It will be the same again. And again, nothing will change, the US will continue to rule the West.

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