First target: NHS, assistant doctors, nurses and councils

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PM Starmer begins negotiations with assistant doctors. The NHS problem is known and one of the reasons for this is both the number of doctors and the wages paid to junior doctors.

In fact, what needed to be done was very simple and conservatives did not do it. They increased public sector expenditures, but they did not give the money that should have been given to doctors. They lived in luxury, but they saw a lot of increase in raises for nurses and doctors.

Prime Minister Starmer is now meeting with mayors. The first goal is to return the NHS to its good old days. Starmer made the following statement, according to the news published on BBC: ‘The government will set up “a council for regions and nations. Those with skin in the game are the ones who know best what they need”,

Starmer welcomes mayors from the West Midlands, Greater Manchester, Liverpool City Region and London.In our opinion, Stamer’s first success was: Making everyone share the problems and calling everyone together to solve these problems.

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