Braverman is the last name to happen to the conservatives

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According to the news in The Guardian, Tory Tees Valley mayor Ben Houchen said former Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s ‘divisive policies’ made her unfit to be leader.

Braverman may see himself as God. She’s cocky and arrogant. She is someone who looks down on society. Her language is poisonous. She is only doing politics to humiliate immigrants and Muslims. She doesn’t know how to apologize, she doesn’t have the virtue to admit her mistake.


In other words, she does not have any of the characteristics that a leader should have.

It is not embracing or unifying all people. She is concerned with managing people by dividing them, not by uniting them. She thinks he’s smarter than everyone else and believes that all the problems in the UK are caused by immigrants and that the idiotic rule of the Tories has no effect.

Conclusion: She can be brought into leadership like Liz Truss, but she cannot be made to stay there.

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