The Tories still haven’t wised up.They’re going back to the past

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Conservatives, who suffered a heavy defeat in the elections, started to talk about old names as leaders again. One of these names is David Cameron. David Cameron, who served as foreign minister, became the hope of the Conservative Party again.

There is really no one in the Conservative Party who can use his mind. One cannot imagine how so many people manage the country. Let’s say this to conservatives who have this intelligence but cannot use it.

The period of stagnation in the Conservatives began with David Cameron. He is someone who put the Brexit nonsense to the vote of the people and then has so little mind to work against Brexit. Conservatives should question this: Why do they all rely on names and fail to find new ones? Didn’t they leave behind quality names within the party?

The old names are actually the names that ended the party. Now conservatives must learn to question themselves. Cameron cannot give anything to this party and cannot take back the people’s vote. ‘If there was a demand for old ones, there would be a demand for flea markets’

If they plan to throw themselves behind ReformUK, they should give the old names the presidency again, they know it.

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