The recruitment system in the police profession must change

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In his first press conference, Prime Minister Keir Starmer said prisons were “broken” but added there would be no “overnight solution” to the prison space shortage. Starmer said there was an urgent need to increase the number of guards.

Starmer should also realize the following.

It should reveal the function of the police rather than the number of police. Stabbing and theft incidents have increased significantly in the country in recent years.

Relatives criteria for applications to the police profession should be removed and new police officers should be recruited based on competence and ability.irst of all, the police profession should get rid of racist and sexist police officers and be opened to the general public.

New prisons need to be built, but before that, the necessary economic measures must be taken to reduce crime rates. While people are queuing up to find food at food banks, it is not possible to reduce crime rates in the country.

Necessary steps must be taken to reduce house rents, especially in London. Interest rates need to come down and people need to move away from the fear of losing their homes.

There is much more, but it would be much better to give Starmer a period of 100 days and then decide.

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