Some advice to Keir Starmer: Politics is the club of the gods

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Some advice to Keir Starmer and other party members: Every politician starts to see himself as a god when he is elected. He thinks that he first created the world and then everyone around him is his slave.

He forgets that he came to power with the votes of the people and begins to see himself above the people. First, flatterers surround these politicians and try to please them. The aim is to try to use the politician by making him feel that he is important.

Politics is teamwork. It is also a ‘Gods Club’ where those who see themselves as gods come together. Therefore, one god is not superior to the other god. It’s about the equality of the gods.

Prime Minister Keir Starmer must accept that he has established a cabinet of ministers made up of gods and that he needs extra power to manage them. Otherwise he will make the same mistake as Rishi Sunak and his ministers will start to manage him.

Gods also have their own personal domains. These areas are independent but also auditable. Rishi Sunak should supervise the gods he appoints to the cabinet and not allow them to go to betting offices and gamble after the cabinet decisions.

We could give many more recommendations, but let’s not exhaust our ammunition yet.

Check the Starmer’s Cabinet 

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