PM: Rwanda issue was a project that died before it was born

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Keir Starmer held his first press conference as prime minister and put an end to the Rwanda issue. Starmer said, ‘The Wranda issue died before it was born’ and said that the bill was against human rights.

Meanwhile, in the previous statement made by Rwanda, it was stated that ‘Even if the Prime Minister changes, the money paid in accordance with the agreements made with the UK will not be returned to the UK.

Even if we sent illegal immigrants to Rwanda, we would continue to pay. In other words, taxpayers would pay millions of pounds for being responsible for an illegal immigration problem that they did not cause.

This was a problem that the conservatives could not manage to solve. With the decision he made, Starmer ended this problem completely. At this stage, the country no longer has the problem of immigrants to be sent to Rwanda and millions of pounds to pay.

Starmer also hinted that the borders should be made more secure and that a special unit could be established to achieve this.

The result was this: Starmer started his first term with a rather radical decision. There is no sign yet of how to eliminate the illegal immigration problem, but it is still beneficial to wait for the first 100 days.

One correct thing that Starmer said at the meeting is this: ‘We have a lot of things to do after the Conservatives come to power. ‘

The public’s expectation is also in this direction. At least the markets need to revive.

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