Tories would not have won if they had nominated J. Christ

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Conservatives would not have won if they had nominated Jesus Christ. Now Rishi Sunak’s resignation will come to the fore. It is not possible for anyone to remain there as prime minister after this heavy defeat. In fact, if they had even nominated Jesus Christ instead of the conservative Rishi Sunak, the conservatives would not have won the election. They literally screwed up the country in 14 years.

The people gave them credit for 14 years. They even believed their Brexit lies, but they always abused their public good will.

Meanwhile, one of the biggest losers of the election was ReformUK and Nigel Farage. The local media was constantly making news in his favor and they were certain that he would become a member of parliament. He was constantly coming to the fore in the news, they were saying that ReformUK would get more votes than the Conservative Party.
However, the people did not trust them. The people did not allow the media to deceive them or lie to them, and they gave one of the greatest lessons of history to the media.

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