The full list of post-victory losers in Labour’s history

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Who lost in these elections? The Labor Party emerged with a resounding victory, increasing its votes significantly and winning one of the biggest victories in UK history. In fact, the proportion of losers was much higher than the winners. Here is the list of losers.

Rishi Sunak lost.
The Conservative Party lost.
The ministers who put their country on the gambling table lost.
Conservatives who received a note from the wife of the Russian minister lost.
The far-right media lost.
Rishi Sunak lost.
Conservative politicians lost.
ReformUK, backed by the right-wing media, lost.
Nigel Farage lost.
He lost a stupid sense of management.
Partygates lost.
Those who did not care about the people and thought about their own pockets lost.
While people were dying during the pandemic, conservatives who were partying lost.
All the conservative names who served as prime minister in 14 years lost.
The politicians who bankrupted the NHS lost.
The Brexiteers and the politicians who told Brexit lies lost.

Those who thought they would win the election by bribing the public lost.
MPs who watched porn movies in parliament lost.

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