PM Starmer’s incredibly important words about Rishi Sunak

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Labour Leader Keir Starmer, who took over as Prime Minister today, drew attention to a very important detail in his speech in front of Number10 and thanked Rishi Sunak. Calling Rishi Sunak the ‘first British-Asian prime minister’, Starmer did not forget to thank his rival.

Yes, we can criticize Rishi Sunak, we can say that he is not a leader, but coming from an immigrant family and becoming the prime minister of the UK is an important symbol for him and all immigrants. Rishi Sunak’s premiership showed how strong the democratic structure is in this country and that there is no hostility towards immigrants in the minds and hearts of the majority of people.

Rishi Sunak’s extraordinary speech after his resignation was one of the indicators that made us proud of this country. Sunak arrived with dignity, completed his duty and bid farewell with dignity, wishing success to the new Prime Minister Starmer.

We thank him and wish him success.

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