What message will the public give in these elections?

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The voting rate in these elections will be higher than in other elections. Because in other elections, economic problems were not so evident and people were not so closely interested in politics. This time, the people will go to the polls and show a serious reaction to the conservatives who have turned the country into a nightmare for 14 years.

There will be some facts revealed in these elections, here are some of them.

The people rule the country, not politicians.
When necessary, the people will hold politicians who do not care about them accountable.
Governments that do not take the people seriously will always lose.
Those who think that they can buy people’s votes by bribing them will be mistaken.
The era of politicians who think that the state belongs to them will decrease, even if only for a short time.
Politicians will realize that their real duty is to serve the public, not those who donate to them and their parties.

These elections will be a heavy blow to the conservatives who think that the people are gods.

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