What and whom will we get rid of in these elections?

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The 14-year period of chaos ends today. According to polls, the Conservative Party will suffer one of the biggest defeats in its history in today’s elections. The truth is that the past 14 years will go down in history as a history of complete chaos. This will be the end of a process that has hit the country’s economy to the bottom, starting with Brexit!

The Labor Party will most likely save the country from the invasion of conservatives. The period of chaos will end and we will be completely free from the following events that occurred in 14 years.

1-From a party that constantly changes prime minister and chairman
2- He is one of the ministers who did not cut short his vacation and did not return to his country, and wanted another minister to take care of him instead, while the country was suffering a historic defeat in Afghanistan and retreating.
3- Watching porn movies during parliamentary discussions
4-From a prime minister who pressured his father to be knighted
5- From the working prime minister who does not arrange a job worth 140 thousand pounds a year in the public sector for his wife
While 6-67 thousand people died in the pandemic, a prime minister who organized a party 20 times in the prime minister’s building
7- From a ruling party that organized a party in the party building while 67 thousand people lost their lives in the pandemic and everyone was stuck at home.
8-Ministers who go to the betting office and gamble after determining the election date at the cabinet meeting
8-He is one of the members of parliament who opened an office on the Isle of Man island and directed the money traffic of international companies, even though he should have been in the parliament.
9-Two-week prime ministers

10- One of the economy ministers who evaded taxes and escaped imprisonment by making an agreement with the state after it was revealed that he had evaded taxes.
11- From the prime minister whose wife evaded taxes and made a deal after being discovered.
12- He is one of the economy ministers who applied to the USA for a Green Card with the Minister of Economy.

and we will finally get rid of all the chaotic times we haven’t even thought of yet.

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