When blaming this mother, one must first empathize!..

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According to BBC news, a mother, Antonya Cooper, admitted that she gave her terminally ill 7-year-old son a high dose of morphine to relieve his pain and “quietly end his life”.

When you read it at first, it’s a news that terrifies you and you start to get angry at the mother. Then, when you think about it for a while, you try to understand what happened. The point is to empathize; You have a child and he has a terminal illness. He is in constant pain, doctors say it is impossible for him to live. Can you be happy if the child you gave birth to suffers in front of your eyes?

We don’t ask, ‘Mom, did she do good or bad?’ Legally, it is already a crime for a mother to end the life of her child, even if he is sick; There is no problem with this. But as humans, we also try to understand that mother. Is it important to prevent a child who you know will die from suffering or to save him/her from suffering?

You decide, but empathize first!

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