US President Biden should be angry with himself, not the court

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USA President Joe Biden interpreted the Supreme Court’s decision granting partial immunity from criminal prosecution to former President Donald Trump as a “dangerous precedent.” It’s not a statement to be taken too seriously. Because this decision is a decision that greatly reduces Biden’s chances of being elected. If the Supreme Court’s decision had gone against Trump, Biden would most likely be very happy and defend justice.

I’m sorry to Biden, but what’s really dangerous is criticizing the Supreme Court’s decision and saying it’s dangerous. The person he should criticize is himself first.

Even though he has been president for 4 years, the immigration problem in the country continues at full speed. The economic situation has made people bored. Worse, during the Biden era, people lost hope and that’s why Trump became hope.

If he is going to get angry at BI, he should start with himself first.

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