The situation of 1.8 million university students is critical

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Data obtained by BBC News shows that 1.8 million people currently owe at least £50,000 in student debt in England.

More than 61,000 people have balances of more than £100,000, while another 50 have more than £200,000 each, according to figures from the Student Loans Corporation (SLC).

So how will students pay off these debts? Especially as unemployment rates rise and it becomes harder to find work in London.

The chances of university graduates finding a job in London are almost zero. Those who can only find a job in the public sector will be lucky, but others will look for a job in the private sector, but it will not be easy for them to find a job just because they are university graduates.

Let’s say Tesco will hire one person, but the number of applicants is 1500 people. Hire Manager has to select and hire one person among these 1500 people. The remaining 1499 people will continue to look for new jobs. Even MacDonald’s, which used to be the easiest to enter, has now stopped hiring employees. Managers started working in the kitchen. There is a need for staff, but there is no money to pay them anymore.

All we have to say now is: May God help young university graduates.

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