A moment of shame for USA. They had to have two people

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USA is a strange country. The country has a population of 350 million, the world’s largest companies are in this country. They rule the world in terms of technology production, but right now they are stuck with just two people.

Americans have only two choices. They will choose either Biden or Trump. It is objected that Biden is too old. The Democrats were unable to find a replacement candidate.
When the facts emerged in the TV debate with Trump, a new candidate came to the fore instead of Biden, but there is no time for a new candidate.
How can a country of 350 million people be forced to have two people, one of whom is old and the other prone to dictatorship? Why are there no new people in this country, why are new people prevented from entering politics?

Companies that produce technology are in this country, the center of world cinema is in this country. The capital that rules the world is in this country, but there is no one to govern this country.

I’m sorry, but it’s a shame for Americans.

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