The Supreme Court’s decision ended democrats’ and Biden hopes

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A revolutionary decision in the US. The Supreme Court ruled that Donald Trump has ‘absolute immunity’ from official actions. The court ruled that former presidents are entitled to some degree of immunity from criminal prosecution.

And Biden supporters started screaming. The only hope of Biden supporters, and of course Biden, was that the court decision against Trump would come into effect and Trump’s presidential candidacy would be dropped. Their hopes are completely gone. Trump is slowly but surely heading towards power.

While some of the US said that the decision was very dangerous, Trump supporters even lit a fire and started celebrating.

When the Democrats insisted on Biden, they were already risking losing. Meanwhile, former president Barack Obama’s support for Biden was of no use.

Barack Obama probably believed that his tweets were verses from the Bible because they put him in a very important position, but it turned out that they were not.

It would have been better for Barack Obama to remain silent rather than speak.

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