Dear Rishi Sunak, making plans is a very risky thing, because…

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak continues to signal that he will not resign if he loses the election. He may think so. It’s okay for him. But in this country, a prime minister who loses an election cannot remain in office even if he sees himself as a god. They won’t let him stay.

Maybe he can continue his duty as a member of parliament and history will remember him as one of the former prime ministers.

Every politician thinks he is an indispensable and rare Indian fabric. It takes time for them to accept the facts, and when they encounter the truth, they stand on their feet and get off the flying carpet and return to real life.

Brother Rishi Sunak can keep making plans. But let us remind you that making plans is a very risky business. Because you make plans, but you are unaware of the plan God has made for you. ‘

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