Can stadiums be areas where moral environments are displayed?

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Jude Bellingham, who gave England the kiss of life in the match against Slovakia, was investigated by UEFA for the gesture he made after England’s goal. It is probably the first time that UEFA is investigating the actions taken at such important moments. There is no point in EUFA officials reading the players’ intentions based on their actions. If they start to read such intentions, they should also open an investigation into all slogans chanted during matches.

Matches are not moments when moral environments express themselves. It is not immoral, but it must be accepted that one can go to extremes in times of joy.
The midfielder said in his statement that he kissed her hand before making the crotch grab move and that it was an ‘inside joke’ and was unlikely to be banned.

We think the same way, but you never know. Since UEFA is headed by morality watchdogs, any adverse decision can be taken.

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