Why would we lock ourselves in houses of happiness in UK?

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Why are parents locking themselves in cells in Korean ‘happiness factory’? BBC reports: ‘South Korean parents voluntarily spend time alone in cells’.

So why do South Korean families choose happiness houses and lock themselves in this room? There can be many reasons.

But if there were happiness houses and cells in UC, we would lock ourselves in these houses and not go out for days for the following reasons.

-To get rid of politicians and their fights.
– To be alone with ourselves and listen to ourselves.
-To get away from people and learn to live for ourselves by getting away from people.
-In order not to live the life that others want.
-In order not to be crushed under the weight of economic problems, even for a short time.
-To understand that the world is not forever, that one day we will die and we will not take anything with us when we leave.
-To see that loneliness is sometimes boring but sometimes very beautiful..
-To see that living alone is freedom.
-To forget about the wars, hungers, fights in the world and that we are actually the cause of them.

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