The two biggest and most underrated killers in the world

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JapanTimes newspaper published an interesting news and claimed that they found the world’s biggest murderer. In fact, considering what they said, they were not wrong at all.

‘The world’s biggest killer you never thought about’
‘High blood pressure does not receive enough attention despite its enormous impact.’ says the newspaper.

Living conditions, economic difficulties and life itself are factors that constantly increase people’s tension. It is as if humans come into the world to be born, grow and suffer.

High blood pressure is the biggest killer, but it is not taken seriously enough. There is another killer who is not taken seriously; That is Diabetes. Almost two thirds of the world are struggling with this disease, but still no one takes it seriously. Especially diabetic patients… There are millions of diabetic patients who do not take their disease seriously. And they are not even aware of the danger.

So JapanTimes should have actually reported the news like this: The world’s two biggest killers…

One last word: One of the hardest things for people is to accept that they are sick. Unfortunately, there are almost no people who accept this disease when they first get sick, but the disease is always stronger than you and you have no choice but to accept it.

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