The beautiful blonde woman is ahead in the first round in France

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The result was no surprise in France and France’s far right makes big gains in the first round of parliamentary election. Marcon went to early elections and thought he would win again, but his party is in third place according to the first election results.

While France’s far right National Rally President Marine Le Pen declared his victory, Macron, who was disappointed in the elections, asked all parties to unite against each other in NR for the second round.

What will happen when all parties unite against NR? Shouldn’t the public be asked ‘Don’t vote for NR’? Assuming they say what they say, will the public listen to them?

Macron and those like him still think they can stop the far right. Let’s say the parties united in the second round and won the election, but what will happen in the next election?

As long as the parties are all similar to each other, far-right parties will continue to win. Instead of calling on other parties to unite, Macron should regret his own failure and withdraw from politics.

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