Footballers warmed our hearts,made us excited, made us feel alive

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England 2- Slovakia 1. Even though it was difficult, we managed to reach the quarter finals. We all need great success. This win was not a great success, but it was still the return of the moments we missed. This was a beautiful story of good things happening in the country. Let’s thank the football players who made us experience this joy.

It is an incredibly good result in terms of score, but in terms of football it is still a game that makes the fans nervous. If we can win in extra time even against one of the mediocre teams of the tournament like Slovakia, it can be said that we have no chance against strong teams like France and Germany.

Here are the things that stand out after the match.

We cannot get into scoring positions very easily.
We cannot fill the gaps left by the opponent on the field in a timely manner.
We are still very weak in terms of accurate pass percentage.
We are not at the level we would like as a team game.
We have barely won all the games so far. It was not a game we won easily.

What happens next? Our hope is to win the EURO24 cup. We hope it will actually happen as we hope.

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