They have to thank Channel 4 because it showed the truth

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ReformUK President Farage said Channel 4’s program about racist party members had been staged and a day later a spokesman said Reform UK had withdrawn three of its candidates following reports they had made offensive or racist comments.

He is the one who nominated racists and people with constantly aggressive attitudes from the party, and then withdrew their candidacy due to reactions.

The truth that emerges then is this: The racist and aggressive attitudes of ReformUK supporters on Channel 4 are not a fiction, they are real. And worse still, ReformUK and Farage have even nominated some of these people as MPs.

Just one question: Lee Anderson was expelled from the Conservative Party for his unconventional views. Then this gentleman went to ReformUK. Because ReformUK’s intellectual background was suitable for a racist and anti-Islam person.

ReformUK has Channel 4 to thank. Because they published the facts about the party and put them before them.

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