Is Farage covering ReformUK expenses from family business?

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A few days ago, ‘Who is covering ReformUK’s election expenses?’ ‘ we asked, and we wrote that this was a one-man party. A week after this article appeared on, the whole public started asking the same question. And it has finally been revealed that Nigel Farage’s finances are bigger than ‘ReformUK’ amid questions about the family business.

Farage’s bank account is none of our business; We don’t ask how and where he earned his money. Our question is, ‘Is Nigel Farage alone covering all these election expenses or are others paying for them?’

ReformUK is a newly established party, so it doesn’t even have a member. The number of donors is almost zero. So where does this money come from?

Can a person use the money from the family business just for a party, and if so, why? What will he gain as a result?

Questions questions questions

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