Farage can no longer erase his party’s image as a ‘Racist’ party

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Although Reform England leader Nigel Farage claimed that the racist comments made by one of his party’s activists were a trap, his party has received the title of far-right. The term extreme right is used in all news about the ReformUK party in the media.

Although Nigel Farage has tried to change this, he and his party have now been labeled racist and xenophobic. So, from now on, there is no way to change the public perception.

Just like Einstein said. ‘ Changing a perception is much more difficult than splitting the atom. ‘

Since Brexit, Farage has always turned to far-right and racist votes. His success in Brexit was not only due to the Brexit party he founded, but also to the discomfort created by immigrants from Eastern Europe, and even immigrants who were not xenophobic or racist in this country voted for Brexit.

Even if Nigel Farage wanted to, he could no longer erase the words of one of his party members, ‘Immigrants should be shot like Greeks’. This saying is engraved in memory.

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