Are conservative people sheep? Do they need a shepherd?

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Are conservative people sheep? So, are they too stupid to make their own decisions? Do they really need a shepherd to lead them?

Some right-wing newspapers began publishing guides to prevent Labor from coming to power. The Daily Mail newspaper leads your publications, which can be summarized as ‘How you can use your votes strategically to prevent Starmer from coming to power’.

This newspaper tells conservatives how to vote and suggests methods. In other words, he is directly trying to manipulate people, use them and prevent Labor from coming to power.

Some of the right-wing newspapers are fans of Nigel Farage. They constantly publish polls and write that Farage is ahead of the Onservative Party. They did a similar thing in local elections, but it was not effective.

Because these newspapers have no effect on the public. There is no possibility of the public reading these and following them.

Why do these newspapers interfere with who people vote for? What do they benefit from this?

Prince Harry said in a TV interview a year ago that this tabloid press was funded by the Royal family.

We ask again.
Are conservatives sheep? Do they live in flocks and always need a shepherd?

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