Why doesn’t the UK want Netanyahu to be tried?

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The CC decision on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s arrest warrant may be postponed by the UK.
According to The Guardian, Britain will make legal arguments regarding its jurisdiction in case the Israeli Prime Minister is alleged to have committed war crimes.

A simple question: Why?

I think England is trying to replace the USA. The US and Biden made so many concessions and became desperate that the world started to think this. ‘It is not the Biden administration that rules America, other powers, especially capital, are the real power that rules the USA.’

The US must have been disturbed by this image, so the UK took over. Now it is our country’s turn to defend Netanyahu. Thus, the US will stay a little further behind and wait for the UK to draw all its arrows on it.

Let’s repeat the initial question again.
Why is the UK trying to prevent Netanyahu from being tried?

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