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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak responded to racist statements made by ReformUK supporters about him. Finding the statements ugly, Sunak said that ReformUK was also responsible for these supporters.

There were even those among ReformUK supporters who said immigrants should be shot and killed. The whole country watched on Channel 4’s hidden camera.

The real problem is this, and let’s say this to those who are racist but do not accept it:

If a person of Indian origin has become the head of the Conservative Party, this is his success, that is, Rishi Sunak’s success, but it is also the pathetic state of the party. In a party that has changed 5 prime ministers in 5 years, there is no responsible politician who knows his job well.

What racists and xenophobes don’t understand is this: Immigrants are both successful and work hard in this country. They go to the best schools and live in the best houses. Because the only thing that makes them exist is work. They have no choice but to work in this country.

If those who always see immigrants as responsible for everything bad are jealous of them and therefore become hostile towards them, it is their fault, not the immigrants’ fault.

If there is someone better than Rishi Sunak, find him, don’t complain and don’t be jealous!

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