Nigel Farage is the mirror of his racist supporters

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According to the news broadcast on Channel 4, Nigel Farage was said to be “horrified” by the “reprehensible” comments made by Reform UK campaigners in Clacton, Essex, where Farage is running.

ReformUK campaigners were filmed by an undercover Channel 4 crew making racist, homophobic and Islamophobic comments. These were broadcast and subsequently left ReformUK Chairman Farage agitated.

Actually, there was no need to be worried. Because he is the same for ReformUK supporters. Fans look at him and create slogans.

Known as a racist,
Known as a xenophobe
and he who is known as anti-Islam.

Nigel Farage must become normal now. Otherwise, he will have to follow those who support him. Because the only thing for politicians is votes, and Farage will have no other way to get votes other than producing slogans that will please his own supporters.

Let’s just say this to Nigel Farage and his supporters. Stop blaming all the problems in this country on foreigners. Do not disturb the peace in the country. Have you still not seen the truth even after Brexit? When will you see it?

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