Kebab shops contribute £2.5 billion annually to the UK

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Ibrahim Dogus, founder of KEBAB AWARDS, which gives Kebab awards every year in London, talked about the contribution of kebab shops to the UK economy.

There are approximately 7 thousand kebab restaurants in the UK. Kebab shops are one of the indispensable elements of nightlife, especially in London. They open at 12 in the morning and work until late at night. They are open almost 24 hours on weekends. The least working kebab restaurant works 12 hours a day.

Its contribution to the country’s economy is 2.5 billion pounds annually. Kebab shops, which keep the red and white meat industry afloat, have a serious impact on the unemployment rate with the number of workers they employ. If an average of 4 workers work in 7 thousand kebab shops, 28 thousand people earn money in this sector and pay taxes to the country.

We gave kebab shops as an example for this reason. A significant portion of the immigrants in this country are not a burden to this country, but provide income.

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