England v Slovenia: The most boring match of EURO24

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England played one of their worst games in EURO24 against Slovenia. The match, which took place in a boring environment from start to finish, literally made the audience faint. Millions of people watching the match on television were in the mood of ‘Let’s get the match over as soon as possible and get rid of this boredom’.

We don’t have the capacity to score goals, we don’t have a football player who can use his brain. We don’t have any players who can pass the ball properly. We don’t have any players who can pass the ball in short distance. England, who could not find goal scoring positions even against an ordinary team like Slovenia, could only win one match in the weakest group in the EURO”$. Since other opponents, including Denmarak, are weaker, England can qualify for the next round, but it is not very likely that they will get out of that round. .

The first thing that came to our mind while watching the match was how Premier League teams, especially Manchester City, were able to win European cups. The only reason for this is the quality of the foreign players in the clubs. It is actually the foreign players who make our teams champions in Europe. Our players are only in a position to help them.

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