Betting companies should file a lawsuit against ministers

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When the confessions of the ministers in the Rishi altar cabinet come to light, they arise in embarrassing situations for the country. The people who were voted to govern the state only used their position to make money for themselves.

All the time, someone comes forward and admits that they bet on the July elections and won money. Some of them are trying to get rid of this incredible scandal by apologizing, but in vain… This scandal has stuck with the Conservative Party as well. It is also very difficult to clean. It’s still hard to understand what Rishi Sunak is still waiting for.

Anyway, the real example is this: The betting companies from which these ministers made money should immediately come forward and demand the money back from these ministers who made money unfairly. They should take all the ministers mentioned to court and file a lawsuit against them for match-fixing.

The subject of the case should be this: defrauding both the state, its own ministries and betting companies…

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