What makes Ronaldo and Messi different in EURO football?

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While watching the Euro24 matches, we noticed something. There are very talented football players, there are stars, but there is no new Ronaldo and Messi. Football cannot produce new stars anymore. There are no more football stars who get into goal positions very easily, who can score very easily, and who amaze us with their technique.

While watching the last Crotia-Italy match, we realized what was actually missing. Pointless and aimless shots from distance, passes that don’t find their target, attacks that don’t force the goalkeeper…

There are two things that make Ronaldo, Messi and Maradona different: Their football skills and their minds that can use these skills. Ronaldo and Messi are good football players because they can use their minds. Sometimes being a good football player is not enough, you have to use your mind to score goals, make the right pass and make it easier for your team.

There are talented football players in European matches, but the number of players who can use their intelligence, score goals, pass the ball and change the outcome of the match is limited.

That’s why he still watches Ronaldo. We are looking for Messi. Frankly, if talent does not meet intelligence, it is of no use…

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