Immigrant problem can be reduced but not eliminated

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French far-right National Rally Leader Jordan Bardella may be elected president after the election results in France. The first thing Bardella will do is solve the immigration problem.

Can the immigrant problem be solved in France or elsewhere? The immigrant problem can be reduced but not completely solved. In order to solve the immigration problem, some conditions must be met.

1-The end of the wars in the Middle East.
2-The West should stay away from oil regions and not interfere with these regions for oil.
3-The arrival of a new form of government in some of the Middle Eastern and Asian countries. Democracy is not a feasible method for these regions because people have no history or desire for democracy. That is why leaders in totalitarian regions are directed towards a totalitarian but more tolerant regime.
4- People should not sympathize with corruption, religious merchants, immoral politicians and terrorist organizations.

As long as these do not exist, the immigrant problem in the world can be reduced, but it will not end.

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