Telling the truth does not mean supporting Putin and Russia

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Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer reacted to his statements about the west invading Russia and accused him of being pro-Russian. What they don’t understand is this: Telling the truth does not mean being a supporter or supporter of someone.

Nigel Farage must stand by his claim and fight back against his critics. Other political leaders may condemn him, but this does not change the fact. It is also not about defending Putin or Russia.

They force people to stand on one side. You will either be anti-Russia and anti-Putin, or pro-Putin. No, we are not Putin’s defenders and we can sob loudly that Ukraine is occupying its territory. Nigel Farage can do this too. But this does not mean that we accept the occupation of Ukraine.

Putin fell victim to their ego and fell into the trap of Biden and the West. Even if he wanted to step back, it was too late.

Nigel Farage made perhaps the most correct statement of his political life and he should not step back.

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