Timberlake should be punished for a bad example for his fans

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Famous singer Justin Timberlake was arrested for dangerous driving. Since this brother of ours is so famous, he must have calculated that he can break all the rules on his own.

Of course, our brother can come out and make a statement like this. ‘I thought that because I was a celebrity, all the rules were for me, and I got into the car drunk. I calculated that drivers and pedestrians who saw me would give way and no matter how I was driving, they would line up with cars to get my autograph, but I was wrong.’

Let us express our gratitude to the US traffic police who have proven that the rules are not just for ordinary people. From now on, let’s remind our brothers who are famous and think they are kings that they should be punished much more than ordinary people. Because millions of people know people like Timberlake and take them as examples. For this reason alone, Timberlake could even be given a 10-year driving ban. Because he sets a bad example for his fans…

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