McKellen:How can an actor perform the same play for 30-40 years?

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Ian McKellen, spokesman for London’s Noël Coward theatre, is expected to make a “quick and full recovery” after falling off stage during a play of Player Kings. McKellen fell off the stage during his performance and was taken to the hospital.
It is stated that the condition of Iam Mc Kellen, who was hospitalized after the accident in the West End theater, is improving.

The strange thing is this: How could an actor fall on a stage he has known for years? What kind of a fall was this? Did he not recognize the stage? How high was the height between the stage and the ground? Many questions can be asked, but we will wish him well and draw attention to another point.

There are some theater plays in London that have been going on for 30 years. Actors have been performing the same play twice a week for years. Most likely, they have already memorized their facial expressions and lines, and they can go on stage and act without even needing to rehearse.

The only thing we don’t and will never understand is: How can an artist play the same game for 30-40 years and never get tired of it? He doesn’t try new things. He does not improve himself and his career with new games.

Maybe they do, but it seems to be the exact opposite. Ian McKellen’s fall from the stage should also be evaluated from this perspective. He must be so comfortable that he doesn’t even think about the possibility of making a mistake.

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