A small question for anti-immigrant opponents to answer

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According to the survey results published in SKŞ News, the public believes that neither party is telling the truth about immigrants. In the poll, 52 per cent of people say Labor is not telling the truth about its views on immigration, while 49 per cent say the same about the Conservatives.

In other words, the public does not actually believe in either party. But do the people believe in themselves? Especially the anti-immigrant public needs to respond to an issue.

Why are immigrants in these countries and after Brexit it became clear that we need a reasonable amount of immigrants in this country.

Let the immigrants not come, let’s send the immigrants inside to Rwanda, but we also need to find answers to these questions.

Do we work as hard and for low wages as immigrants? Everyone struggles to find a white-collar job and it is impossible to find someone who works more than 8 hours a day. But you can make an immigrant work 12 hours a day and pay the minimum hourly wage.

Those who are anti-immigrant and anti-foreign in this country must first accept hard work. Working three days a week and going to the pub to have fun will not make this country progress. This doesn’t make people grow either. That’s why most of the immigrants in this country have much more wealth than those who were born in this country and are xenophobic. There are millions of immigrants who came to this country 40 years ago and did not even go to a nightclub. Their only job is to work and make money.

Yes, they may send some of the money they earn to their home countries, but there are millions of people who invest here, employ workers here and pay taxes.

The number of immigrants should be limited and new immigrants should be prevented, but hostility towards immigrants should also be rational.

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