London: Heaven if you have money,if you don’t have money?

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According to Bloomberg Paris data, the total value of companies listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) reached $3.18 trillion, exceeding the total value of $3.13 trillion of companies listed in Paris.

London was again chosen as the best stock exchange in Europe after two years. London had no problems with money and money coming in anyway. It has always been at the top as one of the capitals where the most money in the world comes from.

Although London is an expensive city for those who live here, it is still the capital of the world.
Houses are expensive, rents are expensive, but wages are low. London is a paradise for those who have money, but it is just government aid for those who do not have money.

Still, let’s admit that we are happy. Surviving in the world’s most expensive city can be an achievement.

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