Reminder to the people of Israel: There is no holy death, it is a lie

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BBC asks: Why did 800 people flee the sun-kissed Mediterranean village of Alma al-Shaab? You see the answer in the details of the news. Israeli bombs.

Israel has now made life in the region unlivable. Even if a bomb accidentally falls, all the people in the region think that they are Israel’s target and leave the region to the bombs.

The G7 summit was held and the abortion issue was discussed much more at this summit than the Israel-Hamas war. Because no leader cared about the dead people, children and women.

Meanwhile, Israel announced that 8 soldiers were killed. This is what war is like: If you are at war, not only the enemy soldier dies, but your soldier also starts to lose his life. If a hundred soldiers of the enemy die, the number of soldiers killed by you will be equal, more or less.

The Israeli people must tell Netanyahu and the war-loving generals that their children should not die. Almost the entire world has a side that blesses death. They say ‘dying for the country is sacred’ But for what purpose? They don’t say this. Why are Israeli soldiers dying? Because Natenyahu and the soldiers want it.

History never writes down the soldiers who died. History always writes about those who sent soldiers to their deaths. Let us remind the people of Israel of this and say: There is no holy death, it is a lie.

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