The extreme right’s victory in the EU frightened the center…

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Some newspapers report the EU elections as follows. ‘The far right made gains in EU elections but may have difficulty unifying’.

Those who are worried about the far right winning the elections need to find some reasons that will make them happy. The possibility of the far right uniting is much greater than the possibility of the center uniting. Because the reasons that bring the far right together are increasing in Europe.

The issue of immigrants will always be at the forefront of unification issues, followed by pluralism. The necessity of multiculture, which is now discussed in intellectual circles in EU countries, has become a serious matter of debate.

There is only one thing that will prevent the rise of the far right: immigrants and their harmony with European culture. As long as immigrants bring their own culture to Europe, the rise of the far right will continue to increase. As the economy plummets, people will blame it all on immigrants.


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