Jeremy Corbyn’s good intentions and what he doesn’t understand

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Former leader of the Labour Party and independent parliamentary candidate Jeremy Corbyn wrote that the rising far right in Europe stems from the mistakes of the centre. Tweeting Corbyn wrote: ‘The far right is on the rise across Europe because politicians on both sides are capitulating to their rhetoric and normalizing their ideas.

The only answer to hatred is hope.

We must stand against racism, defend refugees and convince people that a better world is possible.’

We do not doubt his good intentions, but we object to his attitude towards refugees. Defending refugees means legitimizing immigration.

The problem is the reasons why people migrate and leave their countries. Why do people go to Europe or the US or Canada? For a better life. But those who come to Europe for a better life also bring the diseases from their countries to the country they live in. Their rate of adaptation with society is zero. They do not come to change themselves, but to change the western society they live in, and after time, they begin to live like in their country.

That’s what’s causing a reaction. If people are going to live the same way as in the countries they came from, they should not flee to other countries.

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